Building lasting relationships through understanding our clients ' immediate needs and goals for the future.

THATISMYJOB.COM provides personal and individual attention to our clients seeking qualified sales and marketing professionals in their respective industries.  Our goal is to understand our clients' needs, their corporate style, product line, company history and projected growth.  In this way we can better identify the candidate that most fits your requirements as well as your company culture.  This helps to foster a greater understanding between the candidate and your company, as well as the company and our service.  We network with hundreds of other recruiting firms across the country.  Through networking, we can provide you with a larger selection of qualified candidates. This can save you tremendous time and effort in filling your current and future vacancies.

We are not restricted to specialize in one geographic area; we are specialists in our industry and have the resources to find the best and most talented sales and marketing people available in any industry today.

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